The US secret service has displayed the biggest motorcade procession in history at president joe Biden’s inauguration.

It is noteworthy that the Secret Service put on the biggest motorcade procession in history, as at least seven ‘Beast’ limousines and an armada of armored cars transported the new president and vice president through the nation’s capital.

At least seven heavily armored presidential limos, nicknamed the Beasts, were seen driving through Washington DC flanked by dozens of fortified SUVs and supporting vehicles after Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony.

The mammoth procession first took Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff and former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton and their wives to Arlington Cemetery.

Biden and the First Lady were in one Beast, which had new special license plates with ’46’ on them a nod to his position as the 46th president of the United States.

Officials switch over the license plates.


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