I was beaten up by this military woman this morning…
My offence was that her child ran in front of our moving vehicle but was not touched.
I got out of the car to warn the child not to run in front of a moving vehicle again. That happened yesterday.

This morning, this military woman waylaid me in front of the school, Josabig Nursery and Primary School Oke Itunnu, Mokola Ibadan. She and another woman with 3 other men slapped me severally. I couldn’t do much with me and only the children in the vehicle.

On our way back, she was fully kitted in Nigeria Army Uniform as seen below, I knew a foul play will happen told my daughter to start recording, she started beating me again as seen in the attached video. Her accomplices wanted to join until they realised they were been recorded.

Olumiyiwa Bolade Adedeji on crutches been beaten by the female soldier

I am currently on my way to letmack barracks Mokola to lodge a formal complaint.


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