Quinton Hunter, 30, of Amityville, N.Y., was riding his motorcycle to West Virginia to visit a friend.

I was working for an insurance company but now I’ve been freelancing, doing home improvement work, working on cars.

I redid my whole basement. I’ll start something and say I’ll finish it tomorrow and then it becomes next Tuesday.

Riding in New York you can go through two rims a summer, you hit a pothole, it’s terrible. You’ve got to be on it. Here you can cruise a little more, get a little flow, enjoy the ride. It’s what it’s about. Hopefully the fall will be nice weather so I can ride as long as possible. I have a son who’s 1½ and a little sister who’s 16. Now I see them a lot more. I’ll swing by and there’s a bigger chance I’ll see them.

I pray for the best. I’m young and Black in America. It’s the worst. All lives matter, sure, but people forget that Black lives matter. I’ve been to one protest. I try to repost, you know, to support the cause.

Interviews have been condensed and edited for clarity.


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